Well, here we are….

Whilst Playa de Arlow continues to enjoy posting on Facebook, the management felt it was time to open this unique and rather special place to the world and decided to create a blog.  And here it is.  We have also decided to allow contributors to post their own items, subject to approval by the management of course.

We hope you will visit Playa de Arlow often and join in the fun.

Feel free to check out the Facebook page for previous entries


About Flossie

Wannabe writer, artist, blogger, photographer, singer......you name it, I wannabe it..... I am a 50 something Educated Essex girl who loves life and laughter. I hope my blog makes you laugh sometimes as well as think, when I can get round to writing something thought-provoking, that is...

2 responses to “Well, here we are….

  1. Cranky

    Thank you so much for opening this blog for all of your delighted (and delightful) clientele! Although, I must say I was a bit miffed at Lola winning the wet tee shirt contest. Only contestant! Hah! I have no idea why you disqualified ME.

    However, the mud wrestling and the elegant cookout on the south lawn more than make up for my disappointment in your obvious lack of appreciation for my tee shirt wearing abilities.

    • Thank you for your input. We do try our best to include everyone but we also expect our guests to follow the rules. It clearly stated that you also had to wear SOMETHING ELSE apart from just the T-shirt and for that reason, you were disqualified. We are glad you enjoyed the other activities and hope to see you again soon

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